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” Intentionally journaling alongside of women in order to encourage them to see God in their story, moving them closer to Jesus, and to discover their place in God’s Kingdom”

And let us consider how we may spur one another toward love and good deeds…encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.  Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV)


My husband and I have been in ministry together and in partnership for over 36 years now.  After we got married, 1980, we prepared to go to the Philippines, in Asia, as missionaries.  

Maybe you find yourself at the same place, or wanting to get to that place of preparing to go, feeling uncertainty and/or excitement or after you arrive at your destination. you wonder why or what in the world have you done, or you find yourself in a season of life you never thought you would be and you feel lost, alone, and/or lack confidence. Does anyone understand? or How can I ever make a difference feeling this way?  

                   (Philippines 1988)

  1. For me, I knew God had called me, but I was unprepared to answer the question, “How was I to fit in ministry as a woman in a cross-cultural context?” I figured it would just happen, I guess! I felt like I had all the answers, along with my husband, and we together were out to conquer the world! We were driven by the call in our lives. People were looking at me as a missionary too – we were ready to go! At least that is what I thought!
  1. Even if there were the unknowns and the uncertainties, I was excited about going. But once we got there I was soon to learn that there were certain expectations and realities that I hadn’t planned for. Knowing is different than actually living it!  
  • First, of course, I had to set up our home in the cross-cultural context.
  • then, I had to master the language!  
  • then, learn to shop in the market.  
  • then, learn to cook from scratch and
  • Finally, learn to manage a local household helper.  
  1. Was I taught all this in school? No! (other blogs will expound on these). Six months after I arrived I became pregnant with our first daughter and subsequently three of our four children were born on the field.  What an experience!  It seemed as if everyone in the hospital wanted to know if the “white American” gave birth like they did.  They wanted to know,

        “Would my baby, born in the Philippines, look like their babies?”

  1.  I had to deal with my own expectations:
  • How can I balance home and ministry?
  • Live out my faith?  
  • Get along with my teammates?
  • Learn the language and
  • witness for Jesus

all in a cross-cultural context!

  1.   As well as expectations from those back home:
  • like my prayer partners,
  • friends,
  • churches and/or
  • donors,

who I felt were depending on me, us, to get the job done. I felt like I had to do it all. A lot to take in!  (refer to book: “Expectations and Burnout” by Robynn Bliss and Sue Eenigenburg, a must read)  

  1.   As I was going through:  
  • many changes and losses of just what my role would be,
  • where I would fit in,
  • I was also seeking to form a whole new support group.

I talked to my husband about my feelings but as much as he wanted to help, he just could not understand all that I was experiencing as a woman on the mission field.

  1. My experience is probably typical of what many missionary wives face. Similarly, single women are also challenged to identify a role, asking the same questions, “…who am I and where do I fit in…why am I here?”  
  1. Much of what women encounter emotionally is not taught in our formal training. So where do they turn to share their feelings when so many people are depending on them to get the job done?  

How do we walk with women to help them find their place in mission as they step out in faith to what Christ has called and equipped them to do? Women make up more than half of our missionary force; therefore, it seems to be a matter of good stewardship to care for and develop our women so as to effectively influence their generation, and the next, for Christ.   

      9.  IN THIS BLOG:

  • I hope to use Scripture to inform and be driven by,
  • Use stories of other women both past and present, who are on mission for God.
  • Use my stories and experiences (some mentioned above will be expounded on later)
  • And encourage you to tell your stories….

       I will be using topics such as:  

  • The calling of God
  • pre-evangelism,
  • discipleship,
  • grace,
  • hospitality,
  • the Gospel,
  • motherhood
  • pain
  • conflict
  • Cultural issues and
  • many other topics on the Journey of one’s calling

to champion the cause of the Great Commission in the lives of women for God’s Kingdom in all season’s of life and one story at a time so that together women may feel valued, significant, purposeful, and hopeful, and confident.  

I hope and pray you will be stirred by the stories as well as you share your own with us as we consider how to encourage others.  Together empowering a movement of mission minded women for the Kingdom of God so He will be worshipped among the nations.  

Hope you will come join our community!  



Personal Reflection:  Can you relate to anything said above? Tell us who you are, what you do, where you live if you can, what age bracket (optional) and what you would like to see discussed or questions answered, as we walk our journey together? This will help direct me. Email me, would love to hear your thoughts.       


One woman pilgrim to another together on the journey, 


And let us consider how we may spur one another toward love and good deeds…encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.  Hebrews 10:24-25 (NIV)

” Teaming up with God to empower a movement of mission focused women to see God in their story, bringing hope in developing a more effective life and ministry.” 

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